Recording Parties

PLEASE NOTE: Due to unforeseen circumstances parties have been suspended.  Information will be updated following government guidelines 

A party where you bring your friends to lay down your favourite tracks in a real studio. 

We supply all the music , lyrics and refreshments you just need to name your band, choose your tracks and get recording!  CECA will make the ultimate birthday party for music loving 7-16 year olds. 

Capacity:   Maximum of 15 participants 

Duration:  2 hour session 

Age:   7 years+ 

Price:   £120 

Party Package: 

•    Quick guided tour and explanation of how the recording Studio works. 

•    Choice of 3 songs to record in the studio (with a bonus sing and perform Happy Birthday) 

•    Rehearsal time of your chosen songs (lyrics can be printed for you) 

•    Recording of your songs 

•    Refreshments available in our Studio Disco! –  Opportunity for parent/carer to bring food/snacks.