PAST: Record and Release

Please note: There are no longer any spaces available on this project.

Record and Release is an depth programme for young bands and musicians delivered by DMF Digital.

The areas covered over the course of the 12 week project include:

  • Recording, mix and master two tracks per band
  • Film and edit two videos for each track recorded per band, 30 second teasers for each video and lyric videos for each track.
  • PR – Developing a press pack and writing press for releases and live promotional events.
  • Drawing up a list of press and radio contacts sympathetic to the release.
  • Press Photography for the press pack
  • Release schedule – an eight-week schedule for each release, detailing what activities need to be undertaken on a daily basis to ensure the maximum impact for releases.  This includes a free release to gather data for direct to fan marketing, teaser videos, full videos, lyric videos, promotion of a release event, announcements for radio premiers, video exclusives with blogs and print media etc.
  • Social media – run an eight-week social media campaign of scheduled posts for each release linked to the release schedule.
  • Event management – to organise a release event for each release.
  • Live sound, lighting and stage management of the release event
  • Creating marketing materials such as release covers, posters for the release event and, where possible, print materials for merchandise.

It is estimated the work detailed above will give students approximately 70 hours engagement with DMF.

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